Five Tips for Winter Landscaping

winter landscaping

Five Tips for Winter Landscaping

Let’s face it, our yards can look pretty barren during the colder months. Gone are the full trees and pops of perennial color, replaced with dead leaves, bare flower beds, and shades of gray and brown. So what can a homeowner do to maintain an attractive yard year round? Learn how to add texture, color, and beauty to your yard with these five simple winter landscaping tips.

Rake and Remove

Once the trees have shed their leaves in preparation for winter, it is important to remove any dead leaves that may have accumulated in the yard. Besides being unattractive, lawn debris can smother the lawn and stunt the growth of new grass. Clearing out the yard in late fall will enhance curb appeal and help to ensure a healthy lawn in the spring.

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Add Some Green and Red

holly adds color to winter landscaping

Evergreen trees and shrubs maintain their color throughout the year and are a great anchor for your winter landscape. While most plants are hibernating, these plants are alive and vibrant during the colder months. Some evergreens, like the holly tree, have berries during the winter months which can add color and texture to your landscape.

Not only do they provide visual interest to your yard, but they also serve as a welcome habitat for animals, such as squirrels and various non-migrating birds. In addition, the berries from various evergreens are a great food source for many birds who need the calories to maintain their body temperature to survive the winter.

Enhance with Hardscapes

In addition to greenery, hardscape features can become a focal point in your yard during winter. A well-placed bench, pergola, or garden sculpture can add some texture and beauty to your winter landscape. In addition to aesthetically enhancing your yard, it can also add function by providing a resting spot or gathering space for friends and family. Adding some lights to a trellis or pergola is an easy way to brighten up the yard and increase the overall ambience of the space.

A bird feeder is also a great addition to your yard. It can distract from the bare landscape of winter by providing a sanctuary of refreshing color and avian activity.

Repurpose your Containers

Flower boxes and hanging baskets are not just for spring and summer. Once the beautiful blooms of summer have faded, replace the plants with seasonal decor, such as pumpkins or evergreen displays. Strategically place the containers in any area that may need a boost of color or texture. Feel free to experiment with various designs to see what appeals to your personal style.

Give your Front Door a Makeover

Not all winter landscaping tips involve plants and outdoor features. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to enhance your property is with a front door wreath. From Christmas candy canes to Easter pastels, your front door is a great space to have some fun and express your creativity.

Another way to add visual interest to your yard is with a garden flag. You can go seasonal or choose to showcase your devotion to your favorite team. Whatever you decide, it is a great way to add some color to your winter landscape.

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