Create your own Winter Wonderland with Winter Hardscaping 

family of snow people decorations , father with top hat and pipe, mother with green bonnet, and child with red hat, next to lit up sidewalk, example of winter hardscaping

Create your own Winter Wonderland with Winter Hardscaping 

The most wonderful time of the year is upon. No matter what holidays you observe or what you are celebrating this year, no one can deny how beautiful this time of year is. Though the sky is often cloudy and grey, and the grass is not green and bright, the decorations people put up this time of year more than make up for it. There are few things better than riding around and looking at the bright lights on people’s houses and in their yards. How do people achieve such elaborate décor? The answer may lie in winter hardscaping. 

We’ve said it before, but in case you forgot hardscaping involves the nonliving, more permanent features of your landscape. This can include patios, gazebos, walkways, or even ponds. These features truly shine in the summer and fall, but in the winter, they may often be forgotten or neglected. But not to worry. Hardscaping can help you turn your otherwise unoccupied space into a winter wonderland. What hardscaping projects can help you achieve this in your own yard this holiday season? Let’s find out. 


A gazebo is likely the hearth of your back or front yard in the summertime. It is a great place to relax, play games, enjoy a drink, read a book, etc. But in the winter, it may become something you merely see while looking out your window. Make your gazebo standout by wrapping some bright lights all around it. You can turn your gazebo into something that resembles a workshop in the north pole. A light snow on top will bring out the light even more.  


Walkways are the bread and butter of hardscaping. A stone or gravel walkway leading from the road into your home is a staple in any well hardscaped yard. But when walking in a winter wonderland, you may envision something a little extra than the standard paved walkway. You can line your walkway with lights, decorations, candy canes, and more! Envision your ideal winter wonderland. What comes to mind when you picture yourself walking in your own winter wonderland. It is likely something more extravagant than mere walking on a stone path in the snow. Give yourself a place to line up some bright lights and more, and soon you’ll have the North Pole in your own yard. 


Leveling is basically just what it sounds like. With leveling, you can create lots of extra space to set up decorations of all kinds! Santa’s sleighs, nativity scenes, light covered reindeer grazing… whatever gets you in the holiday spirit.  

Are you hoping to turn your yard into a winter wonderland with our superior hardscaping services? Whether for your home OR business, we can help make it happen. Your house can be one everyone is sure to stop at when driving by looking at the lights. Ready to start the conversation. Contact us today!