Winter Protection for Plants and Pipes: Preparing for Cold Weather Threats

Winter Protection for Plants and Pipes: Preparing for Cold Weather Threats

The return of frigid temperatures and flurries means it’s time for Louisville and Southern Indiana area homeowners to take proactive measures to protect landscapes against the cold. Your trees, gardens, and outdoor water systems are all vulnerable to damage from freezes, precipitation, strong winds, and heavy snow accumulation. Put your landscape’s best defensive foot forward with these winterizing tips from the team at Walnut Ridge Landscaping.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Start by preparing exterior plumbing and irrigation systems while temperatures remain above freezing. Insulate backflow devices, pumps, valves, and any exposed water lines or sprinkler heads with specifically designed foam covers available at hardware stores and garden centers. For quick protection, wrap pliable heat tape around pipes and seal it tightly with weather-resistant tape. Heat cables automatically warm up when temperatures dip below freezing to prevent catastrophic pipe bursts and leaks.

Water Well Ahead of Hard Freezes

Plants going dormant doesn’t mean you should stop watering altogether in winter. Continue providing moisture during winter warm spells, watering just long enough for the soil to absorb it without puddling on the surface before night temperatures plummet. Well-hydrated soil retains heat better than dusty, dry earth during winter. Prior to forecasts calling for hard freezes, give all gardens, lawns, trees, and shrubs a good final saturation drink 3-5 days beforehand.

Mulch for Insulation

Apply fresh organic mulch around the base of trees, shrubs, and perennials to protect surface roots from freeze and thaw fluctuations. Recommended mulch depths range from 2-4 inches. The extra insulation also helps regulate soil temperature and prevent early sprouting on unseasonably warm winter days. Renew bagged mulch rings around potted plants too. As a bonus benefit, winter mulching also guards against soil erosion and nourishes plants come spring.

We can help with residential or commercial maintenance in the Louisville & Southern Indiana area for winter’s worst. Contact Walnut Ridge Landscaping to protect your property today!