image of modern house in snow example of winter hardscaping project

Winter Hardscape Maintenance in Louisville & Southern Indiana

Winter and late fall are typically slow seasons for maintaining gardens and lawns. One of the best times to organize and carry out hardscaping tasks is now, due to your outdoor area having less use than usual right now. Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design can take care of every aspect of your new outdoor winter hardscape design (or renovation of your existing one). Why is winter a good time for ...
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family of snow people decorations , father with top hat and pipe, mother with green bonnet, and child with red hat, next to lit up sidewalk, example of winter hardscaping

Create your own Winter Wonderland with Winter Hardscaping 

The most wonderful time of the year is upon. No matter what holidays you observe or what you are celebrating this year, no one can deny how beautiful this time of year is. Though the sky is often cloudy and grey, and the grass is not green and bright, the decorations people put up this time of year more than make up for it. There are few things better than ...
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Winter Gardening: These Veggies can Grow in the Winter

At Walnut Ridge, we’ve done blogs about landscaping and gardening for the other seasons, including summer, spring, and fall, but winter often gets left out. We do have blogs about winter landscaping, but they usually focus on landscape design and hardscaping, rather than the gardening aspect of your landscape. But the truth is, even in the coldest, harshest winters, there are opportunities for growth…literally. We don’t live in the arctic ...
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Patios in the Winter? All About Patio Heating

As the temperature drops, you may find the time for hardscaping has passed. But why should summer have all the fun? Throughout the fall and winter, your hardscape project might fall to the back of your mind, as you begin focusing on indoor activities. But you don’t need to limit yourself to the indoors this winter. Patios are the penultimate hardscaping project. They are often the centerpiece of your backyard ...
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