hollyhock rust

Are My Plants Rusting?

If your home is landscaped in a cottage garden style, there's a good chance you have Hollyhock. Often used because they are sturdy and long blooming, Hollyhock is susceptible to a fungal disease called rust. While rust is treatable and preventable, you may want a landscape professional to advise on your garden before you start tearing these out. Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea) For more information on the symptoms of Hollyhock Rust ...
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Why you should let this “potter” work in your garden.

When a homeowner has contracted professional landscaping services they often don't realize that new greenery will attract new wildlife. Attracting butterflies, birds, or even curious animals may be the goal of your landscape, but few people would set out to attract the potter wasp. What is a potter wasp? These solitary wasps are non-aggressive and leave small "pots" on plants that contain a single egg. In southern Indiana, the most ...
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