Hardscaping is the bulk of your landscape- and it will permanently set up the future or your home or business’s appearance: that’s why we always want to do right by thoroughly planning ahead.

Walkways and Pavement

Your outdoor oasis of hardscaping beauty awaits you at the end of you customized walkway. We begin by designing and planning, choosing the type of bricks or materials you want, and can line it with mulch, flowers, and more. Whether you want an elegant pathway leading through a lush garden, or a pathway straight to the patio where you can sit back and relax, a walkway is your first step in hardscaping.

fountain surrounded by bricks and a stone walkway with wooden and metal fence structure

Water Elements and Fire Pits

A fountain, pond, or firepit is the perfect conversation piece. A well planned fountain gives your yard an elegant feel, while a firepit can simply be a great place to gather with family and friends. Either way, we have a diverse skillset to handle many different hardscaping projects.


The patio is the often the hearth and focal point of residential hardscaping project. Plan how big you want your patio to be and choose what plants or other hardscaping elements you wish to implement around it. With Walnut Ridge your backyard can be a blank canvas for any hardscaping project.

patio with trees and yard in background
landscaping service to correct drainage on shady walkway. Brick walkway as example of hardscaping.


Landscaping is not just about making the outside of your home or business look beautiful. Our experts can design a drainage system unique to your property utilizing multiple techniques and materials. We provide functional solutions for water drainage that can help protect your home. Your yard can be protected from flood damage through a solid drainage project.

Yard Leveling

Leveling is a way to maximize your yard’s potential. Create more room by flattening out your yard using bricks. Add whatever elements you want from plants to patios. Through softscaping, you can plant gorgeous flowerbeds and turn your yard into a botanical masterpiece.

backyard leveling hardscaping project including large grey bricks and green plants.

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