Show Your Landscape Some Love With Color

red floral accent placed by landscape architect

Show Your Landscape Some Love With Color

From roses to hearts, red is everywhere during the month of February. Associated with passion and love, the color red is warm, bold, and beautiful when used in landscaping. If you think of landscaping as an art, a good landscape architect will consider the entire canvas and make creative decisions when choosing to add color to the landscape. Red is a great way to attract attention and add energy to a particular area in your yard. It can also make a larger space appear smaller and more intimate. 

Are you ready to explore ways to utilize this bold color in your landscaping? Below are a few ideas to help get you started.

Landscape Architect Tip: Where To Add Red

Center of Attention 

If you want to direct the eye to a particular area in your landscaping, add red. When added to a plantar or bed, it can become the focal point, visually adding warmth and making the area appear closer.

Welcome Guide

Red is very inviting when used in the home or the yard. Consider using red flowers or plants at the end of a walkway to invite guests to continue down the path or on the front porch to welcome guests to your home. 

Use Contrast 

If you want to make a statement, pair some red in your yard against a gray or green backdrop. The contrast will add visual interest, attention, and depth to your space.

Accessorize With Red

Add a red chair or bench to a neutral area in your yard to create an inviting place to rest. You can also add a red container to bring in warmth and color. 

Red Flowers used by Landscape Architects

red begonias placed by landscape architect
Red Begonias

Yarrow is hardy, versatile, and easy to care for. It produces an abundance of broad, flat-topped flower clusters (or corymbs) made up of dozens of tiny daisy-like florets.

Coneflower is a popular, easy-care perennial that blooms in the summertime.

Roses are available in over 150 species, in various colors and shapes, and are extremely popular. Red roses, considered to be a symbol of love, are the most popular. 

Begonias are known for their fancy leaves, in many beautiful colors, highlighted by unusual markings and swirls in the foliage.

Tulips are early spring bloomers that come in many colors and are especially beautiful when planted in clusters.

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are a must-have for fall and produce pom-pom and daisy-like blooms.

Red Shrubs/Trees used by Landscape Architects

Japanese Maple is a popular tree used by landscape architects
Japanese Maple

Azaleas are one of the most popular blooming shrubs and available in many colors. The blooms offer an incredible burst of color in the early spring to summer. 

Japanese Maple Trees are one of the most desirable garden trees, offering a striking focal point, with their beautiful color, especially in the fall. 

Red Flowering Quince is one of the earliest to bloom, January to March depending on zone, offering a dazzling display of apple-blossom-like flowers.

Sonic Bloom Red offers bright red flowers that begin in spring and continue until the first frost. 

Red-leafed Mukdenia’s fanned, maple-like leaves emerge bright green in spring, age to bronze-green, and by summer mature to green with bright red streaks. Excellent for use as a ground-cover, border accent, or to tuck into containers.

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