4 Ways Commercial Landscaping Boosts Your Business

4 Ways Commercial Landscaping Boosts Your Business

There are benefits to commercial landscaping that are immediately obvious. Everyone loves an aesthetically pleasing area. You’re much more likely to be attracted to a business with bright flowers, shade trees and pleasant walkways, aren’t you? But there’s quite literally more to commercial landscaping than meets the eye. Quality commercial landscaping and commercial landscaping maintenance benefits your customers, your employees and your bottom line in ways that are more than just surface level. 

Encourage Your Clients and Customers to ‘Stay a While’

Commercial landscaping isn’t just to make the boss happier (although it does that, too). It’s proven to attract customers and clients and get them to spend more money while they’re there.

Visitors to businesses with tree-lined sidewalks and other green space feel 80% more comfortable, according to research from the University of Washington. They also are willing to pay 11% more for products at businesses with trees. Turns out, money really does grow on trees. 

With proper hardscaping, like walkways and retainer walls, you can also improve the flow of foot traffic to business, literally bringing visitors to your door. 

Lawnmower riding down sidewalk lined with trees, example of commercial landscaping maintenance services.

Raise Property Values 

Excellent commercial landscaping requires an investment from your business, but like any good investment, the return can be exponential. Research shows that landscaping can increase the value of your building by up to 14%, and it can speed up the sale process, too, by up to six weeks. By adding a simple hedge, you can increase property values by 3.5%. Hardscaping is profitable, too, with a curb adding up to 4.4% of value. Just remember to keep up with your landscaping to make sure those benefits don’t disappear — commercial landscaping maintenance and lawn care is key. 

Even if your building is already attractive, commercial landscaping adds to that beauty. Greenery can be used to accentuate the architecture of your already eye-catching space. 

White building with dark blue windows with tree and shrubbery in front of it as example of commercial landscaping maintenance service.

Increased Worker Productivity 

Everyone benefits from premier commercial landscaping, including your employees. Study after study demonstrates that green space improves health outcomes and productivity of workers. A leisurely walk in a garden or a park improves short term memory by 20%. It also helps manage stress: Japanese workers who regularly took walks in green spaces found that they were better able to recognize and deal with stress. And we all need a little bit more of that in our lives. 

Going Green: Sustainability and Saving You Money 

Turns out, going green will have you seeing green. Commercial landscaping is eco-friendly and, in turn, saves you on cost. Strategically selected and placed plants can lower the cost for heating and cooling a building by 20% or more. Greenery and other landscaping also helps with irrigation, now and even more so in the future. If you plant a tree today, years from now, it will be able to soak up to 2,000 gallons of rainfall each year. 

Gray building with blue windows with patio containing small trees and hedges. Example of commercial landscaping maintenance services.