Why You Should Switch Up Your Lawn Mowing Pattern

Why You Should Switch Up Your Lawn Mowing Pattern

Lawn mowing can be a monotonous chore — especially when you’re mowing the same pattern in your yard over… and over… and over again. 

Besides being boring, mowing your lawn the same way each time is unhealthy for your grass.

That’s why we recommend hiring a professional lawn maintenance company like us to keep your yard healthy and visually appealing. 

Here, we’ll explain why varying your mowing pattern is essential. Plus we’ll share some professional-approved patterns to transform your lawn.

Why Switching It Up Is Key to Lawn Health

Mowing in a consistent pattern compacts the soil over time and leads to uneven wear on your lawn. This can cause some areas to look sparse, while others appear lush, resulting in patchy grass that’s a prime breeding ground for weeds.

How do Lawn Patterns Look?

Why do lawn mowing patterns look the way they do, with alternating green and white lines? The answer: light and angles.

When grass blades are angled away from you,  more of their surface is captured by the sun, resulting in a lighter appearance. In contrast, blades tilted toward you seem darker since a smaller portion of the blade surface catches and reflects the light.

This is why the appearance of your pattern will change throughout the day as the sun sinks.

How to Make a Lawn Mowing Pattern Look Good

Here are some factors that will impact the look of your lawn pattern:

  • Grass Length – Longer grass accentuates the contrast between bent blades more, making patterns more prominent. Typically, grass cut to 3-3 ½ inches will display striping better.
  • A Lawn Roller/StriperThis professional-grade tool can exaggerate your lawn pattern by bending grass blades even further. Lawn rollers are typically over $200.
  • Grass Type – Cold-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescues are more flexible, so they make for prominent lawn patterns. Warm-season grasses, including Bermudagrass and Carpetgrass, are not ideal for creating lawn patterns.
  • Grass Clippings – Don’t cover up your lawn patterns with piles of grass clippings. Instead, distribute them across your lawn. This also helps with lawn health, allowing your grass to breathe.

The Best Lawn Mowing Patterns For Lawn Health and Visual Appeal

1. Stripe Lawn Pattern

The classic stripe pattern features alternating dark and light stripes. To achieve this, simply mow in parallel lines, making sure to turn in a wide arc at each end to make sure each row is aligned.

Stripe patterns can be vertical, horizontal, or mowed diagonally to your house.

2. Checkerboard

The baseball field made the checkerboard lawn pattern famous. But we say it’s a professional look that’s as suitable for your home as it is home base.

To achieve the checkerboard lawn pattern, first create a set of parallel stripes. Next, mow another set of stripes at a 90 degree angle to the first set, creating a crosshatch pattern that resembles a checkerboard.

3. Crisscross

The crisscross pattern is similar to the checkerboard pattern but requires a different angle.

Start by mowing one set of parallel diagonal lines across your lawn. 

Afterward, mow a second set of 45 degree diagonal lines intersecting the first, creating a crisscross effect.

This pattern brings a dynamic aesthetic that adds visual interest to your lawn.

4. Curves/Waves

A curved or wavy pattern can add a sense of movement to your lawn.

To pull it off, start at one end of your lawn and mow a gentle curve that flows across your yard. 

Keep the curve consistent throughout each row to maintain an elegant, wavy pattern. 

This design is more challenging than mowing in straight lines, but the payoff is worth it if done well.

5. Circles

Circles are an excellent choice for yards with a central focal point like a tree or ornamental flower bed. 

Begin mowing around the focal point, creating a series of concentric circles. Gradually widen the circles outward while keeping them evenly spaced. 

This pattern provides a unique visual effect that’s both creative and eye-catching.

If your yard doesn’t have a focal point, but you’d still like to achieve the circle pattern, try beginning your mow session from the outside.

Get the Best Lawn Mowing Patterns With A Professional

Now that we’ve established that lawn mowing patterns are healthier for your lawn, are you ready to get started?

If you’d like to switch up your lawn mowing patterns but are overwhelmed by the thought, try contacting a professional like Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design.

We cover all angles of mowing, from the lawn health to the aesthetic side.