Fall Landscaping Tips For Your Yard and Patio

Fall Landscaping may include mulching leaves with a mower

Fall Landscaping Tips For Your Yard and Patio

October is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. From the cooler temperatures to the beautiful fall colors, the great outdoors is the place to be this month. How is your outdoor space looking these days? Do you need some fall landscaping? The busy summer months can often contribute to a neglected yard, with overgrown shrubs and invasive weeds taking center stage.

Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design has some tips to get your yard ready for the winter months ahead, and also a few patio refreshers to ensure your outdoor space is in top shape for the fall season. 

Fall Landscaping is Preperation and Maintenance

Grass Care

Continue mowing and watering throughout the fall, typically every 10-14 days until all the leaves have fallen. Leaving the grass at an appropriate length allows it to protect itself from cold and fungus during the winter months.

If you do not fertilize your yard throughout the year, consider a one-time fall application. Fertilizing in the fall provides essential nutrients for deep root growth and a healthy start next spring. To DIY, apply dry lawn fertilizer to all grassy areas. Be sure to provide consistent coverage with a crank-style spreader or for optimal coverage, use a walk-behind drop spreader. 


Although time-consuming, removing leaf litter is necessary part of fall landscaping to maintain a healthy lawn. If left to decay, the dead leaves can smother the grass creating bald spots and preventing healthy off-season growth. 

Mulching leaves, usually with a mower, is the easiest way to dispose of them. Tree leaves can be mulched without any detrimental effects on the soil or turf and usually result in improvements in soil structure. Regular mowing during the fall will chop the leaves into small pieces allowing them to filter into the grass.

If you prefer to rake, be sure to invest in a quality rake and do it when the leaves are dry. Moisture can cause the leaves to stick together forming a leaf layer that will suffocate the lawn and serve as a breeding ground for fungal diseases, thus making your job more difficult in the process. 

Plant Protection

Taking a few steps in your fall landscaping will ensure a beautiful display in the spring and summer months. Removing old stalks and leaves will tidy up the bed and save you from doing it in the spring. In addition, adding mulch to the bed will help insulate the roots providing protection from the cold.

If you have any delicate plants that cannot withstand cold temperatures, be sure to move them indoors for the winter. 


There are three types of pruning you should do in the fall: pruning branches that have died over the summer, structural pruning to keep the shrub or tree healthy and stable, and pruning for size reduction unless you have shrubs with flowers on the old growth. In that case, wait until after flowering is finished.

Good Patio Design Can Help You Enjoy Your Fall Landscaping

This patio includes a central fireplace to allow the user to enjoy their fall landscaping well into the colder nights.

Patios are always in season but even more so when the cooler fall weather arrives. A few simple steps can go a long way in creating an inviting outdoor space. Freshen up the patio furniture with a quick wipe down or change out cushions if they are worn. Grab some outdoor solar lights to add mood lighting to any space. Consider purchasing an outdoor heater or fire pit as part of your fall landscaping plan to keep you and your guests comfortable, no matter how low the temperature gets. 

Comfortable seating is key when spending time on your patio. There are many options, from outdoor sectionals that comfortably seat six to a smaller two-person couch. Dining outside is another great way to maximize your patio design. Investing in a quality dining table will add a whole new dimension to your patio. When choosing a table, be sure to consider the size of the area and how many seats you will need for your family and any guests.

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Not Sure Where To Start with Fall Landscaping?

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