Working with a Landscape Architect in Winter?

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Working with a Landscape Architect in Winter?

Get Ahead This Winter: Plan Your Landscape Projects Now

During the cold months when most of our time is spent indoors, the last thing homeowners are thinking about is their landscaping. However, winter is the ideal time to start planning for the upcoming spring and summer seasons with a landscape architect.

Why Start Planning Now?

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A Landscape Architect Can Help You Get Inspired

The cold season allows for plenty of time to research what you desire in your backyard space. The time that used to be spent mowing the lawn and weeding can now be spent evaluating what works in your space, what doesn’t work, and what you want to add or improve. 

Get A Realistic View

When plants are at rest during the cold season, your yard is open and exposed to evaluation. Stripped down to its true nature, you can see the yard for what it is (if you can’t a landscape architect can), and take action if needed. If your yard appears out of balance or lacks visual interest in a particular area, take note and add it to the landscape plan.

Check In With Your Lawn Care Routine

Is your lawn care routine working for you? If you do it yourself, how much time is spent mowing, weeding, watering, and pruning? Is this manageable or do you feel dread every time you start up the mower? If you find the daily grind of lawn care a hassle, consider a landscaping company like Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design to help maintain your yard so you can enjoy it. 

Hardscapes Take Time

For any larger projects that involve adding structures like a pergola or patio to your landscape design, the landscape architect needs time is needed to plan and execute. Most landscape companies have a full calendar, especially during the warmer months, so consulting with one in the winter is ideal to help plan and execute any hardscape additions. 

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Repair When Bare

Walk the property when it is dormant in the winter and see if anything needs repairs, such as a walkway or fence. These repairs require planning and time, which makes them more practical to get completed before the busy summer season arrives.

Plan For Plants with A Landscape Architect

Although planting won’t take place until the weather warms, get ahead and start your planning now so you can be ready. Which flowers do you want to plant? Do you need any shrubs to bulk up a patio border? Is it time to add that ornamental tree you have always thought about? Answer these questions now so you can take action later. Take it a step further and set up a consultation with an experienced landscape design company. Let a professional landscape architect offer their opinion on your landscape design and assess areas of need. This will allow you to beat the spring rush and ensure you can get on their schedule before the summer season.

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Why Choose a Walnut Ridge Landscape Architect?

The Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design team is comprised of landscape architects and certified horticulturists, all knowledgeable in the areas of commercial and residential landscape design. This experienced team is responsible for turning dreams into a reality, working with our clients to transform their ideas into beautiful landscape spaces.

Our designers create a custom plan for your unique landscaping needs. Once you have approved the design, we bring it to life. Check out our commercial and residential landscape portfolio to see what we can do for you or your business.

To be the best Jeffersonville Landscaper, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in landscape design and connecting with customers through our active social media pages and informative blog. From mulching tips to how to get your lawn ready for winter, our blog offers helpful tips and tackles common lawn and garden issues facing homeowners.

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