Prepping Your Garden for Landscaping Rocks

landscaping rocks surrounding shrubs

Prepping Your Garden for Landscaping Rocks

Your overall landscape will look better if you use rocks or mulch around plants. Additionally, installing the proper material underneath will aid in reducing weed growth. Remember that rocks are an inorganic mulch and won’t degrade, so they won’t affect the soil or importantly, have any effect on the soil.

You can pick from a variety of landscaping rocks, such as river rocks, pea gravel, marble chips, lava rocks, and more. The substance placed beneath the rocks keeps it from blending with the soil. Once the stones have merged together, separating them becomes difficult and requires quick replacement. An arrangement with no supporting material will gradually produce a deeper layer of rock that supports the weeds.

What should you put under landscaping rocks?

Gardening mats are a smart choice when it comes to landscaping advice since they allow water and nutrients to flow in while thwarting the growth of weeds. These materials are lightweight and manageable, and they come on a roll. The tightness of the mesh’s weave determines how well this layer can prevent weeds from developing. The appropriate type of landscaping cloth should be used to prepare the ground for best results and weed-free soil.

Preventing weeds from growing on rocks

You can choose from a variety of landscaping rock fabric options to create a unique design that meets your unique needs. These layers are frequently laid in pre-lined rows and are specifically developed for weed management. You can plan a symmetrical garden and grow your flowers and plants straighter as a result of this.

You wouldn’t have to worry about harming the environment because these products are also biodegradable. A few benefits of using a landscape fabric include:

  • Prevents the growth of weeds
  • It’s the perfect option for areas that see soil erosion or sloping land
  • Prevents rocks and inorganic mulches from sinking into the soil
  • Reduce the need for herbal weed control
  • Helps in moisture retention

For environments without plants or where heat-loving plants thrive, such as a rock garden, a xeriscape, or a desert landscape, stones and rocks are perfect. Rocks gradually begin to move around, separate, and degrade the soil below, or even worse, could begin to get in the way of a lawnmower.

These worries can be reduced by properly lining the beds and putting all the landscaping rocks in place. This fundamental preparation is essential to ensuring that the stones remain in place and do not allow the sprouting of weeds. Contact Walnut Ridge Landscaping today, for various products and landscaping needs.