Winter Gardening: These Veggies can Grow in the Winter

Winter Gardening: These Veggies can Grow in the Winter

At Walnut Ridge, we’ve done blogs about landscaping and gardening for the other seasons, including summer, spring, and fall, but winter often gets left out. We do have blogs about winter landscaping, but they usually focus on landscape design and hardscaping, rather than the gardening aspect of your landscape. But the truth is, even in the coldest, harshest winters, there are opportunities for growth…literally.

We don’t live in the arctic. The ground is made of soil year-round, and is always fertile to at least some extent. In Louisville and Southern Indiana, we are a little too far north to plant in the dead of winter. But next year, these are great things to plant in the fall that can last through the winter.

In this blog we’ll go into some of the different types of plants and vegetables you can grow in your garden during the winter.


onions hanging

Garlic is the perfect flavor to add to foods, especially, Italian foods. Garlic does well before the freezing in the winter and is hardy enough to endure the season.


bundle of radishes

Just like the season of winter itself, radishes are crisp enduring vegetables that can continue to grow in your garden in the fall and winter months.


lettuce with light frost, example of winter gardening

Lettuce gets a bad rep for being bland or pointless. But it adds a great texture and freshness to countless different foods AND you winter garden. Even better, it is a plant that can be planted in the fall and grown throughout the winter.


Broccoli with light frost, example of winter gardening

Broccoli is a classic dinner table staple. Martha Stewart Recommends planting 10-12 weeks before the first frost of the season.


kale with light frost, example of winter gardening

Kale is known for being a healthy centerpiece of any salad. January is a time of year when people tend to suddenly have the desire to get healthy, so your Kale can be ready just in time to renew your gym membership and get in shape.


stack of raw carrots

Lastly, we have carrots. Carrots are some of the hardiest vegetables known to man. They are crunchy and able to be dipped in ranch or hummus. Who doesn’t love a good carrot? Better yet, you can use it to finish off your snowman!

Enhance your winter landscape with winter gardening

We hope to have given you some good ideas about to what plant in your garden in the fall. Next year, indulge in your green thumb and harvest some hardy vegetables. Take a look at our blog on patio heating for another great addition to your winter landscape. Also check out our blogs on winter landscape hazards and working with landscape architects in the winter. For any landscaping or hardscaping needs, no matter what time of year, contact us here.