cicadas may have an effect on landscaping

The Cicadas Are Coming!

It may sound like the title of a sci-fi horror movie, but unfortunately, this one isn’t playing out on the big screen, but instead in backyards and parks throughout the country this spring. Yes, those pesky 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground, by the billions, this May and June. Concerned? Consider this your handy guide to cicadas, courtesy of your friends at Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design. What is ...
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patio design with hammock chair and outdoor funiture looking into wooded area

Patio Design

It’s April. Have you thought about where you plan to spend your time during the spring and summer? Like most people, the warm weather brings us outside to enjoy the many gifts that Mother Nature provides and having a great space to enjoy her gifts can make the difference between a “ho-hum” summer and “the best summer ever.” From furniture to the right amount of shade, patio design involves many ...
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Hardscaping 101

What is hardscaping? Most people are familiar with the term landscaping. Landscaping is the use of live plants and natural elements to modify an area with the goal of enhancing its beauty. But what is hardscaping? Hardscaping is the use of inanimate or non-living hard surfaces to modify an area. Hardscape design uses elements like wood, stone, or concrete to update or alter an outdoor space. Benefits of Hardscaping Low ...
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red floral accent placed by landscape architect

Show Your Landscape Some Love With Color

From roses to hearts, red is everywhere during the month of February. Associated with passion and love, the color red is warm, bold, and beautiful when used in landscaping. If you think of landscaping as an art, a good landscape architect will consider the entire canvas and make creative decisions when choosing to add color to the landscape. Red is a great way to attract attention and add energy to ...
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