commerical landscape maintenance

How to Mulch for the Best Results

Although available in many types and colors, all mulch has the same purpose, to cover the soil surface to maintain moisture, improve soil conditions, reduce weed growth, and enhance visual appeal of the area. Mulching is an important part of maintaining your landscaping, either at home or as part of commercial landscape maintenance. Benefits of Mulching When applied properly, mulching is one of the most beneficial ways to help your ...
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winter landscaping

Five Tips for Winter Landscaping

Let’s face it, our yards can look pretty barren during the colder months. Gone are the full trees and pops of perennial color, replaced with dead leaves, bare flower beds, and shades of gray and brown. So what can a homeowner do to maintain an attractive yard year round? Learn how to add texture, color, and beauty to your yard with these five simple winter landscaping tips. Rake and Remove ...
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landscape design

More Than Meets the Eye: 5 Reasons Why Landscape Design Matters

Every street has that one house that catches your eye as you pass by. Whether it be the lush grass, well-maintained shrubs, or perfectly placed pops of color, the benefits of landscape design go well beyond a neighbor’s admiration or great curb appeal. Effective design lets you get the most out of your yard by creating a comfortable, yet attractive lawn that has many benefits for both the homeowner and ...
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fall lawn ready for winter

Don’t Fall Behind: 7 Quick Tips To Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

Ahhh October. Football, pumpkin spice lattes, and the much-anticipated return of cooler weather. For many homeowners, fall is also the time to get the lawn ready for winter. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of yard work. Taking a few simple steps now can pay off with a beautiful, lush yard in the spring. Slow Your Mow Continue mowing and watering throughout the fall, typically every 10-14 days ...
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